• We are the sole agent of the Spanish company
  • We have a vast experience in selling
  • Very specified Almex Press
  • Manufacturing of different types of free rolls and pulleys
  • We have a larg work house and storage places

PVC belts

  • First conveyor belts of the product:
  •     Thongs to spend cooling.
  •     Felt , belts dough.
  •     Circular belts in all angles.
  •     Belts for the cigarette industry.
  •     Belts for sports.
  •     Belts for the formation of minerals.
  •     Belts for download sacks and boxes.
  •     Belts used in airports to carry the bags.
  •     Brominated belts quintet, Hexagon Ptilh and without the ceramic industry.
  •     Belts for sorting stations include vegetables and fruit.
  •     Provide technical consultancy in lines production (Alchassahat) for all industries.
  •     Bearing belts for all types of hoppers, as well as hoppers made of severity Alpolmad, and polyethylene.
  •     Installation of barriers and long, as well as aspects of the directory down to walk or higher traffic.


  •     Second: conveyor belts of the movement:
  •     All belts Alemradn Light and heavy presses, spinning and weaving.
  •     All chrome and leather belts sided spinning and weaving mills.
  •     All thyroid belts woven sacks industry.


  •     Third belts: Mind plastic:
  •     All belts of reason, justice and industry winged water and soft drinks.
  •     All belts own mind fill in the liquid detergent.
  •     All belts reason for the manufacture of ice cream and yogurt.
  •     All belts own mind vegetables and frozen meat.